#LiveTweetTrainTrip – Strong Language

Sunday the 27th of October, 2013 will be a date etched into the minds of many for more reasons then one.

One Direction played Sydney melting the hearts of girls all over New South Wales, the Western Sydney Wanderers beat Sydney FC 2 – 0 in the Sydney Derby and the Sydney Night Noodle Markets wrapped up for another year.

However memorable these events are none will surpass the events on one train journey from Central to Penrith.

What does every good gen Y-er do? You #livetweet the whole journey and then write a blog about it!

It all began with a troupe of wild Wanderer’s fans getting on the same carriage as we where on. Then they started conversation saying things like this:

Charming language isn’t it? Then they shared more ideas on Sydney FC:

Then they started offering life advice:

Then they told us what we could play:

My friend started joining in and they shared some of their ambitions:

And then they started singing:

And then it all climaxed with a drunk text message to a girl:

And ended with this…

All in all it was an interesting train trip.

If you think you’d be able to stomach the rest of the messages please check out the hashtag!


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